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2. Review loan terms

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3. Receive your cash

Once you accept the terms, the cash will be in your bank in about 15 minutes.

About Short Term Loans

Short term loans exist to give a quick influx of cash when you need it. A payday loan is usually for those wishing to borrow money until they next get paid. Fortunately short loans are generally quite flexible and you can extend the loan or pay it back earlier for a lower charge.

There are some restrictions on who can take out a loan. The minimum age is 18 and to make sure you pay back the loan you must be in at least part-time employment. Currently we only offer short-term cash to those within the UK, but this may change in the future. If you meet this criteria then you will be able to borrow up to 1000 pounds, however some of our lenders have restrictions on the first loan you take out.

Once your application goes through then you may receive the payday loan within 15 minutes. You can borrow the money for any reason, be it for repairs, unexpected expenses, bills or even purchases.

To apply just complete our application form and we will work out which lender will offer the best deal for you. There is no faxing and the application is completely online. We also put the lenders against each other to offer you the most competitive rate.

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